Thursday, December 22, 2005

Why I had to leave Crochetville

Well, it was fun while it lasted. But it seems the minute Donna, the board owner, left to have her baby, her "administrators" started running amok. Friendly posts about "prayer" (no denomination said, just the word prayer) were left with snotty messages or downright deleted. I posted that if they were going to be that way, they should delete the "comfortghans" forum, as that's what they are, prayer in yarn. Of course, my post was deleted.

Not that I care. I had already left. I will not post on a board that has people who so obviously hate Christians. I even went back to post a thank you for a Puffy I got in the mail, but the "moderators (not in the last bit moderate, but hateful in the extreem towards Christians)" have me blocked. Again, hate in action.

That's ok. I just hope all Christians will leave a place where Christians are not wanted. Actually, I think anyone who believes in God should leave. We should not frequent a godless place.

I am also tired of constantly hearing how "wonderful" Donna is to do this. Hello, they just had a huge silent auction to pay her, she gets donations all the time. Honestly, she's making money on this. Nothing "nice" about it. It's how she makes money. Plus all the stuff she pulled in on the Baby shower. Nice little racket going, there.

I will pray for them, as we are commanded, but I will not associate with the godless there, not in a fellowship manner. They have no respect for anyone but themselves.

Can I say how grateful I am to have friends who believe differently, but do not tell me I can't say "horrible" things like Prayer, God, and Christmas around them. These friends, they are the truly tolerant ones. Showing respect for my beliefs, as I try to show respect for theirs.


Lynn / vigilant20 said...

I'm sorry to see you go. We'll miss you! I haven't had the best experiences with Donna either on a personal level, but Crochetville is still the best crochet community I've ever found. Maybe when she comes back things will be better and we can see you around again *hugs*

Libi said...


I agree. The posters at Crochetville are the best. It's the moderators who have always been nasty!

They won't even post my thank you's for packages recieved. I tried! I'm going to do a post on my blog, so hopefully, those that sent me Christmas packages will come see, since the "moderators" won't let me say Thank you. More than likely, it's because they want to try and make me look bad.

Ami said...

Libi dear,
You know you're loved by many. You're generous and kind. Shame on anyone who takes your personal beliefs and uses them against you. I'd like to smack 'em, and I don't even know who they are!

Libi said...


I know. Thank you. I don't shove my beliefs down anyone's throat, but at the same time, I do believe that you can't sensor someone. I mean, pagan beliefs were discussed with no problems on that board.

Sarah Jane said...

Many have had problems with the way Crochetville is run as of late. It's very sad to see what a few rotten tomatoes can do to spoil something.

teri360 said...

Hello! I stumbled upon your blog while looking on Google for info on Crochetville. Like you, I am a Christian, and after reading what you said, I don't think I will join it. Besides, I belong to enough online groups anyway, LOL. Would like to hear from you sometime. Visit my site and drop me a message when you have a chance. God bless! It's way past my bedtime (nothing new) but will visit your blog again shortly! Teri

Anonymous said...

I found your blog because I was searching Crochetville.
I joined and was there a few weeks and enjoyed the ideas and love of yarns and the general giving spirit of the place and then I saw a poster with a red HALL OF SHAME. So, I pressed the words which brought me to a definition that the poster had been delinquent with living up to a promise of donation toward some project.
That's not a good thing to do but HALL OF SHAME was a bit much. Nazi-like I thought.
So, I posted that I thought such a marking was inappropriate and Amy (I think that's who it was) removed my post and wrote me a letter telling me that my post had been removed.
Long story bit shorter ~ we exchanged several emails in which I explained my views that two wrongs do not make a right and that marking someone like that isn't morally acceptable. She was quite snotty in her replies and kept writing that she wanted to know how I'd handle such a situation at the same time writing that they had always done things this way and didn't want input from the community.
I saw this as a contradiction ~ why ask me what I thought while writing that you don't care what others think?
She became more snotty so I told her I would leave. I have no need for places that degrade someone else no matter what the reasoning or how justified one feels.
I still read the blog because I do find many good patterns but I no longer read to be part of the community ~ just to see what good ideas I can glean and go on my way.

Anonymous said...

I, Too, have had trouble from them.....more so in the area of controlling what they feel is "FIT" to post in "THEIR" forum.....I thought a forum was a place where people had the right to express views and share without fear of censuring. I swear that in no way was what i posted "Offensive", but it was still pulled. I just think that instead of worrying just about covering their backsides on copywrite issues, they shoul also take a glance at the US constitution, and read the part about fre speech!

Zazzu said...

I left Crochetville over a year ago because of the negative moderators, also. I wanted to revisit today to look at some photos of afghans and found you via a web search. After reading this post, and the comments, I probably should avoid even looking on Crochetville. I'll have to think about it.

It's unfortunate. Our craft (art, whatever you want to call it) should bring us together, not divide us into immature cliques where some are more "equal" than others.

I haven't found any other active crochet forums.

Thank you for this post. I'm just sorry I didn't see it until today.

Jenn said...

Slightly off topic, but Zazzu, I know it's not a strictly crochet forum but I have been using and they have a very good crochet forum within it and it has opened my eyes to other art forms and I have started to incorperate them into my work aswell.

I think it's very sad what appears to be happening. I am not religious as such, but I don't think that means people shouldn't have respect for people's beliefs - unreligious or otherwise. Is this not what causes wars?

I hope that things improve and I hope that all parties continue to enjoy crocheting.

Anonymous said...

how odd for me to find this post-i too recently left crochetville. i found it to be a more unpleasant experince then was worth being a part of. often after a post was made by myself there was a feeling of being belittled by any contributions. there seemed to be "ring leaders" on the forum. interestingly enough any positive suggestions often made were reworked by a senior poster with compliments to them.
additionally, i too found the "tone" of the forum uncomfortable at times and was just some thing i no longer wished to be part of.

Anonymous said...

I agree they can be very snarky in their private emails to certain posters. I, myself, have been a target of it.

Shelle Cain said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your unpleasant experiences on Crochetville. Please try to not let it make you bitter though. I'm a Christian too, and not ashamed to say so! Good for you for sticking up for your beliefs.
Here are a couple of WONDERFUL crochet forums I know you will love. The people are all so kind and loving and there is no tension or animosity at all! You won't get PMs scolding you for everything you do 'wrong'. :O
Crochet Maniacs, and Crochet Happy.
Much more relaxed and fun environment! You can even mention your Etsy shop! For FREE! ;)
Hope to see you there! My username is Shelle or Shelleden - My first name, Shelle (pronounced Shelly), and my husband's name Dennis. There are several other great forums. And what about Ravelry?! It's great, too. Easier to navigate now that they've made some improvements. PTL!
Hugs, Shelle :D